Salam Sale-leaseback Sales
Salvage value Samurai bond Scale problem
Scenario analysis Scissors effect Scope of consolidation
Scrip issue Seasoned equity offering, SEO SEC
Second proposition of the Modigliani-Miller theorem Secondary market Secondary share offering
Securities lending Securitisation Securitisation buy-out
Securitisation vehicle Security Security
Security market line Seed capital Self-control
Self-hedging Self-mimicry Sell-side
Selling group Semi-strong efficient market Senior Banker
Senior debt Seniority SEO
Separation theorem Sequential pay Service cost
Setoff Settlement date Shadow rating
Share Share buyback Share cum debt warrant
Share exchange offer Share purchase agreement, SPA Shareholder return
Shareholder structure Shareholders Shareholders' agreement
Shareholders' equity Shares with multiple voting rights Shogun bond
Short (position) Short Term European Paper Shotgun clause
Sight draft Signal Signalling theory
Significant influence Signing Signing fee
Silent partner Sinking fund SIV
Size premium Small and Medium-sized companies Small cap
Smart beta SME Soft call provision
Soft currency Soft loan Soft rationing
Solvency Solvency II Solvency risk
Solvency-and-liquidity analysis Sovereign spread Sovereign-wealth fund
SPA SPAC Special method of translation
Special purpose acquisition vehicles Special-purpose vehicle, SPV Specific risk
Speculation Speculative grade Spin-off
Split Split rating Split-off
Split-up Spot date Spot price
Spread SPV Squeeze-out
SRI fund Stability principle Stakebuilding
Stand-alone valuation Standard deviation Start-up costs
Statement of changes in financial position STEP Step up bond
Stewardship Stock Stock Exchange
Stock options Stock-picking approach Straight bond
Straight line depreciation Strategic assets (poison pills) Strategic value
Strike price Strip financing Strong-efficient market
Structured Investment Vehicles Structured product Structurer
Stub equity Sub-participation Sub-prime
Subordinated debt Subordination Subrogation
Subscription parity Subscription right Subscription warrant
Subsidiary Substitute Servicer Sukuk
Sum-of-the-parts method Sunset provision Supplier credit
Supply chain Support level Survivorship bias
Swap Swap point Swap-driven Eurobond
Swaption Sweetener Syndicate
Syndicated loan Synergy Synthetic lease
Synthetic rating Systematic risk