R&D Rally Rally - stock market
Random walk Random walk Range note
RAROC Ratchet effect Rate
Rate of discount Rate of return Rate structure
Rate tunnel Rating Rating agency
Rating grid Rating outlook Ratio
Ratios method Raw material prices risk Raw materials
RCF Re-characterisation Re-rating
Re-regulation Real dilution Real Estate Investment Trust
Real interest rate Real options Real rate
Real-time payments Realised gain Realised loss
Realised rate Recapitalisation Receivables
Receiver Receivership Recession
Recession and Working Capital Recommended offer Recourse
Recourse debt Recoverable value Recovery period
Recurrent items Recurring items Red Herring
Redemption Reevaluation Reference rate
Reference shareholder Refinancing Refinancing deadlock
Registered bond Regression Regularity
Regulated market Regulation Regulatory changes
Regulatory risk Reinsurance company REIT
Relationship Manager Relative value ratio Relative weight -merger
Rendez-vous clause Repayable advance Repayment
Repayment by equal instalments Repayment by tranches (or series) Repayment capacity ratio
Repayment in fine Repayment of a bullet loan Repayment of a loan - constant annuities
Repayment of a zero coupon loan Replacement cost Replenishment
Replicating portfolio Repo, repurchase agreement Representations
Representations and warranties Reps and warranties Repurchase agreement
Request For Proposal Required rate of return Requirements in working capital
Rerating Rescheduling Research and development costs, R&D
Research and development expenses Reserve stock split Reserved capital increase
Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Residual risk Residual value
Resistance level Resources Restated net asset value, RNAV
Restatement Restrictive covenant Restructuring
Restructuring charges Restructuring plan Restructuring provisions
Retail investor Retail public offering Retained Cash Flow
Retained earnings Retained earnings Retainer
Return Return on capital employed, ROCE Return on investment
Revaluation Revenue bonds Revenues
Reverse enquiry Reverse flex Reverse repo
Reverse takeover Revolver Revolving credit
RFP Right of approval Right of first refusal
Rights issue Risk Risk Adjusted Return On Capital
Risk aversion Risk manager Risk of a fraud
Risk of default Risk of disaster Risk of illiquidity
Risk premium Risk-free assets Risk-free rate
Risk/return ratio RM RMBS
RNAV ROA Roadshow
ROCE ROE ROIC (Return On Invested Capital)
Rule 144A Rump Run-rate