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On this page we've published a few theses written by students, which we thought were of a high standard and deserved a wider dissemination than they would normally get through the real libraries in which they are archived.

These theses are, however, still protected by copyright, which belongs to their authors.

For those of you who may be tempted to plagiarise the work of the authors of these theses, it is only fair to warn you that most business schools and universities are equipped with highly efficient software which is able to check very quickly whether a given sentence in your thesis, whether edited or not, has been lifted from a document published on the net. A word to the wise is enough!


  • M&A

The Impact of Retail Investor Attention on Event Returns of ESG Scandals

2023 Georg Kirchgassner

State of play of sustainable companies in Europe according to the EU Taxonomy and its effect on firm value and profitability

2023 Carl Adam Gao-Ahlner

Can Machines Beat Professional Economic Analysts in Forecasting Macroeconomic Indicator(s)?

2023 Anna Vlasova

Which takeover defenses are really efficient?

2023 Ghaith Ben Abdeljelil

The brand impact on value creation in a transactional context

2023 Julie Hamon, Agathe Kerisit

Is the Fed's Quantitative Tightening entailing a new regime for asset classes?

2023 Clémence Louzier and Quentin Duflot

What is an ESG M&A Deal?

2023 Lukas Sebastian Rueth

GameStop: A Short squeeze?

2022 Charles Catheline
// See chapter 15

Which type of m&a deal create value for the shareholders and for the firm 

2022 Andrea Corte Sualon
// See chapter 45

Portfolio policy parametrization

2022 Charles Cros
// See chapter 18

How to extract value from battery storage, as an investor and as an operator?

2022 Madina Safaeva and Arnaud Walter

How value is created through LBOs in healthcare buyouts

2022 Sara BEROIZ
// See chapter 47

Impact of esg information on sell-side analysts valuation of oil and gas companies – case of Total Energies

2022 Niamkey Kakou, Mael Ruscher

How can Central Bank Digital Currencies improve financial inclusion?

2022 Vittorio STERPONE

Where are the zombie companies?

2021 Philippe Oberson, Jonas Pürckhauer

Behavioral Finance Anomalies

2019 Yiran CHEN and Zehao LI
// See chapter 21

What is the impact of "Buy-and-Build" Private Equity strategies on LBO Value Creation?

2019 Ali Haider Minhas
// See chapter 47

Impact of trade credit reduction on economic indicators

2019 Omar Ibrahim
// See chapter 49

Short Sale Constraints, The Suppression of Negative Opinions in Equity Markets, and Valuation

2019 Matthew Peckham
// See chapter 15

Does high ESG performance reduce the extreme risk of firms?

2019 Charlie Moussey and Edouard Malnoy
// See chapter 1

What factors predict the success of an Initial Coin Offering?

2019 Aakash Nair and Ashish Mamgain
// See chapter 25

Do some equity research analysts consistently make more accurate forecasts than others?

2019 Maxime Lacour
// See chapter 15

Investing in sovereign debt claims: an investor-based approach

2019 Niccolo Morabito
// See chapter 20

Solving the valuation puzzle of new business ventures

2018 Patrick Reinfeld
// See chapter 40

How does bail-in alters the magnitude of investors' risk perception?

2018 Léa Renaud and James Poh

FinTech Solutions for Banking Operations and Services

2018 Louis Marty, Damien Mossuz and Matteo Screnci
// See chapter 15

Application of game theory to oil producing countries. Forecasting market players behavior in the current new oil order

2018 Amaia Alcelay Losáñez, Crispín Bonay Gárate and Alicia Guindulain Lebrero

Bail-in and Bank Resolution in Europe

2018 Guillem LANA SABATÉ et Adrián MORENO FONTS
// See chapter 15

Multifractal Methods for Asset Pricing

2018 Daniel Leibovici
// See chapter 19

How to value brands properly? A case study on Huawei Technologies

2018 Xiaoqi YANG and Yinghao CHEN
// See chapter 31

Natural Gas Market in China. Current State and Prospects of Development for Trading Activities

2018 Liuning CHEN

Are Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft (GAFAM) more successful than non-tech bidders?

2018 Giacomo Genzini and Simona Kepalaitė
// See chapter 45

Ambiguity aversion and the Home-bias puzzle

2017 Florian MASSÉ
// See chapter 18

CEO and Boards, The Ill Performance of Similar Social Networks

2017 Paul Petrescu
// See chapter 43

Are infrastructure assets experiencing a case of overvaluation, and can the asset class as a whole continue to deliver adequate risk-adjusted returns?

2017 Safaa BERKIA & Angelica (Ching) LOZEVIS

How Do Successful LBOs in Germany Create Value?

2017 Yannick Balz & Timon Müller-Gastell
// See chapter 47

Case Study Alstom-GE

2017 Ophélie de Saint Leger & Audrey Fourneret
// See chapter 45

Corporate Venture Capital Specific features and relative analysis against independent venture capital

2017 Alban Tanaka & Evan Proux
// See chapter 40

How can we adapt long-short strategies to long-only strategies?

// See chapter 38

Do Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions Create Value for Shareholders?

2017 Tobias Tietz
// See chapter 45

Synergies Valuation in M&A

2017 Julien BOUSQUET
// See chapter 46

Are smart beta strategies really smart?

2017 Nabil EL LAMTI
// See chapter 19

Can Equity Crowdfunding Crowd-­Out Other Alternative Sources of Finance?

2016 David Schneider
// See chapter 38

Corporate Taxation and Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions

2016 Thomas Guinness
// See chapter 45

Are Private Equity Funds of Funds managed by more risk-tolerant Private Equity Firms necessarily more risky?

2016 Torben Rabe
// See chapter 41

Does M&A create value in the pharmaceutical sector?

2016 Silvia Cuasante López-Barrena
// See chapter 45

Start-up valuation of biotech companies with real options

2016 Celine Göbel
// See chapter 40

Brand valuation - Tesla Motors, Inc.

2016 Felix Gaya Farre & Victor Tresserras
// See chapter 31

Regulatory & structural evolution of collateralized loan obligations

2016 Pahun JAIN
// See chapter 15

Financial structure, PE funds’IRR requirement and consistency of the DCF valuation with the price in a LBO context

2016 Marc Faiges Gil & Xavier Montane Vilana
// See chapter 47

Construction Methodologies for Implied Volatility Surfaces

2016 Francesco Ruta
// See chapter 23

Measure of value creation in LBOs

2016 Julia Codron
// See chapter 47

Share repurchases and dividend policy in europe during the financial crisis

2015 Thomas Bonijol
// See chapter 37

Value Creation in European Private Equity Investments: Theoretical Framework and Case Study of PE Primary and Secondary Investment in Poundland - UK-based company.

2015 Elzbieta Drazba
// See chapter 47

Lending Club – P2P Lending | Impact Of Loan Description On Loan Performance

2015 Pierre-Yves Festoc

Antitakeover Defense: Efficiency & Impact on Value Creation

2015 Mohit Chawla
// See chapter 41

Corporate Hybrid Capital

2015 Jean-Louis Lafontaine
// See chapter 24

Evolution of Basel Regulation : Impact on European Banks

2015 Alexandre Charpentier
// See chapter 15

What is the impact of Private Equity Funds on the LBO value creation?

2015 François Grimaud
// See chapter 46

Risk Measures of Momentum Strategy And Linkage with Macroeconomic Factors

2015 FENG Ting1 & LI Zhen
// See chapter 15

How to value brands correctly?

2015 Charlotte Carpentier
// See chapter 31

Given the natural resource curse, is there an economic interest for EU members to exploit shale gas?

2015 Arthur Delesenne

Pricing Down&In puts

2015 Clément Lelievre
// See chapter 23

How to value a start-up?

2015 Guillaume Desaché
// See chapter 40

The risk and return of venture capital

2015 Stéphane Koch
// See chapter 41

Methods of Brand Valuation : A case study on

2015 Francesca Bulgarelli
// See chapter 31

Analysis of the Energy Sector in Spain and future perspectives

2015 Dani Mora Romera

Evaluation of a start-up through the signaling theory : Tesla case study

2015 Alessandro Frau
// See chapter 40

Comparison of AIM, Entry Standard and AlterNext

2015 Liulingzi CHENG
// See chapter 44

Which antitakeover defences are really efficient?

2014 Marion Pouchain
// See chapter 42

Refinancing risk and its impact on distressed company valuation

2014 Romain Hup
// See chapter 34

The case of goodwill non-impairments: A study on the current situation with evidence from the European market

2013 Claes Christiansen
// See chapter 6

The impact of Basel III on the European banking industry

2012 FANG, Yuting and XIE, Yuanyuan
// See chapter 15

Value Creation and Drivers of Secondary Buyouts in France

2012 François Evers
// See chapter 47

Sovereign Wealth Funds

2012 Idriss Mrani Alaoui
// See chapter 41

Continuous DCF Method

2012 Martin Stalla-Bourdillon
// See chapter 31

Emotional assets as an alternative financial investment: An efficient portfolio diversification solution during financial crises ?

2012 Olivier OLLAGNON
// See chapter 19

Can we predict the "fair value" price in corporate finance?

2012 BASDEVANT Marie-Clémence
// See chapter 31

An economic analysis of the German bankruptcy code in the context of the European reform movement

2012 Benjamin Laufer
// See chapter 47

The 2008 Short-Sale Restriction on US Stocks and Its Impact on Their Futures and Corresponding ETFs

2011 Ran WEI

Employee Ownership, Corporate Governance and Financial Performance

2011 Sylvain Catherine
// See chapter 26

The performance of banks during the financial crisis

2011 Pierre-Emmanuel CAUSSE
// See chapter 15

Profitability of a Private Equity investment in power plants in Western Europe

2011 Noémie PEIFFER

The determinants of US regional banks failures during the subprime crisis

2010 Guillaume Despagne

Top Losers, Top Winners and Price Reversals in the French CAC 40 Index

2010 Vincent Launay
// See chapter 15

Distributed vs. centralized electricity generation: are we witnessing a change of paradigm?

2009 Jeremi Martin

Listed dividend swaps on Eurex : Does mispricing mean arbitrage opportunities?

2009 BARAKAT Habib and COSCAS Jérémie
// See chapter 37

Resolution Procedures for the Crisis of the U.S. Banking Industry

2009 Teoman Gonenc

Analysis of Market Entry Strategies of European Wireless Operator Into Underserved Markets


Financial bubbles and rationality

2009 Marie GUYOT
// See chapter 15

The role of vulture investors in the governance and reorganization of distressed firms

2009 Stian Rafoss Obrestad
// See chapter 48

Convergences and discrepancies between American Credit Default Swaps and Bond Markets: What can we learn from the CDS-bond Basis?

2009 Emmeline Travers
// See chapter 20

Do the stock markets price climate change risks?

2009 TU Danni
// See chapter 51

Valuation of Continuous Asian Options: Comparison of Laplace Transform Inversion method with Monte Carlo Simulation

2009 Emna Nefzi
// See chapter 28

Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Global Financial System

2009 NAKHLE Rami and OBEID-GERMANI Sleiman
// See chapter 41

A study on the perception of Continental Europe's conglomerates by financial analysts: Understanding the discount rationale

2008 CRUCHANT Jean-Baptiste
// See chapter 42

Stock option backdating : the French evidence

2008 Guillaume CHARTON and Frédérick VELTEN-JAMESON
// See chapter 26

Why has CEO compensation risen so much?

2007 Olivier Armbruster and Taïbi Benhima
// See chapter 26

Open market share repurchases and their signaling power: the French experience, 1998-2006

2006 Pierre-Emmanuel QUINTANA
// See chapter 37

Should we use the company-wide cost of capital in investment decisions?

// See chapter 29