CAGR or Compound Annual Growth Rate Calendar day Calendar year and Accounting year
Call clause Call option Call protection
Call provision Callable Callable
Callable bond Callable capital, Paid-in capital Callable instrument
Callable loan Cancellation of debt Cancellation of debt + Cancellation of loan + Debt cancellation + Loan cancellation
Cancellation of loan Cap Capacity
Capacity utilisation rate Capex Capex facility
Capital Capital adequacy ratio Capital allowance
Capital Asset Pricing Model, CAPM Capital base Capital call facility
Capital decrease Capital employed Capital expenditures
Capital flight Capital gain/loss Capital increase
Capital increase - agency theory Capital increase in cash Capital intensity
Capital invested Capital lease Capital market economy
Capital market line Capital market line Capital markets
Capital rationing Capital ratios Capital reduction
Capital structure Capital structure arbitrage Capital turn
Capital-employed analysis Capital-intensive Capitalisation
Capitalisation contract Capitalisation factor Capitalisation issue
Capitalisation rate Capitalised production CAPM
Captive insurance company Captive reinsurance Carbon credit
Carried interest Carry trade Carry-back
Carrybacks Carryforwards Carve-out
Carveout Cash & carry trade or basis trading Cash (and cash equivalents)
Cash Against Documents or CAD Cash at risk Cash back
Cash budget Cash burn Cash certificate
Cash cow Cash flow Cash flow at risk
Cash flow budget Cash Flow fade Cash flow fade model
Cash flow from operating activities Cash flow from operations Cash flow hedge
Cash flow matching approach Cash flow plan Cash flow return on investment, CFROI
Cash flow statement Cash flow value Cash management
Cash market Cash mutual fund Cash pooling
Cash ratio Cash settlement Cash sweep
Cash Value Added Cash-generating unit Cat bond
Catastrophe bond CBO CBOE
CDS CDX Index or CDX Centralised cash management
Centralised market Certificate of deposit, CD CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst
CFD CFO or Collateralised Fund Obligation CFROI
CFTC Chairman Change in inventories of finished goods
Change in working capital Change of control Change of control clause
Chaos Chaotic functions Chapter 11
Characteristic line Charges Chart analysis
Charter Chartist Chattel
Chattel Chattel Mortgage Chattel mortgage
Cheque Chi-X Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer
Chief Operating Officer Chinese wall Chirographic creditor
Churn rate Circling Class action
Claw-back clause Claw-back commitment Claw-back provision
Clawback Clear title Clearing house
Clearnet Clearstream Clientele effect
Clipping CLO Closely held
Closing Closing rate method Club deal
Co-financing Co-lead managers Co-leads
Co-managers COGS Collar
Collateral Collateralised bond obligation Collateralised debt obligation, CDO
Collateralised loan obligation Collection period Combined leverage
Combined ratio Comfort letter Comingling
Comingling risk Commercial bills Commercial currency risk
Commercial foreign exchange position Commercial interest rate risk Commercial loan
Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Commercial paper Commercial position
Commercial synergy Commitment fee Committed facility
Committees -Board of Directors Commodity Futures Trading Commission Common equity
Common stock Community token Company-friendly bankruptcy process
Comparables model Comparative analysis Competing offer
Competing public offer Competition Competition authorities
Competitive bidding Completed contract method Compliance
Comply or explain Compound interest Comprehensive income
Comprehensive insurance Concentration bank Concert
Condition precedent Condition sale Condition subsequent
Conditional contract Confidentiality Agreement Confidentiality agreement
Confidentiality letter Confirmed credit line Conflict between management and shareholders
Conflict between shareholders and creditors Conflict of interest Conforming
Conforming loan Conglomerate Conglomerate discount
Conglomerate discount Consensus forecast Consent fee
Consequential damage Consideration Consolidated accounts
Consolidation Consolidation methods Consortium
Constant amortisation Constant currency Construction contracts
Consumer loans Consumer Price Index Consumption
Contango Contingent assets Contingent claims model
Contingent liabilities Contingent market Contingent tax liabilities
Contingent taxation Contingent value rights, CVR Continuation plan
Contract for difference Contribution margin Contribution margin
Contribution of assets Contribution of shares Contribution value
Control Control premium Control value
Controlling block Convenience rate Conventional convertible preferred stock
Conversion - historical rate method Conversion option into shares of the target company Conversion period
Conversion premium Conversion price Conversion ratio
Conversion value of the convertible bond Convertible Convertible bonds
Convertible preferred stock Convexity Cooke ratio
Cooling-off period Core capital Corner stone investor
Corporate Finance Corporate governance Corporate loan
Corporate social responsibility Corporate venture Correlation
Corridor bond Cost Cost of capital
Cost of capital - Emerging countries Cost of carry Cost of debt
Cost of equity Cost of refunding Cost of self-financing
Cost of shareholders' equity Counterparty risk Countertrade
Country risk premium Coupon Coupon payment
Coupon rate Coupon reinvestment risk Cov-lite loan
Covariance Covenant light Covenant-lite loan
Covenants Covered bond Covered warrant
Covered warrants CP CPI
Creative accounting Credentials Credit bureau
Credit default swap Credit derivative Credit derivative product company
Credit enhancement Credit exposure Credit facility
Credit insurance Credit line Credit manager
Credit ratings Credit risk Credit scoring
Credit spread Credit-based economy Creditor-friendly bankruptcy process
Creditors (U.K.) Creditworthiness Creeping takeover
Criteria for choosing an investment Cross currency swap Cross default
Cross default covenant Cross-border merger Cross-collaterisation
Cross-shareholdings Crossover Crossover fund
Crowdequity Crowdfounding Crowdfunding
Crowdlending Cryptocurrency CSR
Cum dividend Cure period Currency at (forward) premium/at discount
Currency risk Currency swap (with principal) Currency swap without principal
Currency translation Current account Current assets
Current currency Current EPS adjusted for the cost of carbon Current liabilities
Current rate method Current ratio Current yield
Custodian Custody Custody fee
Customer credit Cut-off CVA