E-commerce Earn-out clause Earnings
Earnings Before Interest and Taxes Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation Earnings per share, EPS
Earnings retention ratio Earnings yield EBIT multiple
EBITDA margin EBITDA multiple EBITDA, Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation
EBITDAR, Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortisation and rent EBRD Economic analysis
Economic and Monetary Union Economic indicators of value creation Economic profit
Economic rent Economic risk Economic value added, EVA, EVA Model
Economy of scale Efficient frontier Efficient market
Efficient market hypothesis Efficient portfolio EGM
Electronic bill of exchange Electronic promissory note Eligibility criteria
Eligible Eligible bills Embedded option
Embedded Value Emerging Markets Employee stock ownership program, ESOP
Employee-shareholders EMTN, Euro MTN EMU
Encumbrance Endowment Enhancement
ENPV Enterprise value Enterprise value multiples
EONIA, Euro Overnight Index Average EPOS EPS
Equalisation tax Equilibrium value Equipment Trust Certificates
Equity Equity affiliate Equity beta
Equity capital multiples Equity credit Equity cycle
Equity in drag Equity kicker Equity line
Equity method Equity premium puzzle Equity ratio
Equity risk premium Equity sweetener Equity warrant
Equity-for-debt swap Equity-linked securities Equivalent annual cost method
Escalation clause Escalator clause Escrow account
EUREX EURIBOR, Euribor Eurimean
Euro Euro MTN Euro Overnight Index Average
Euro STOXX Eurobond Euroclear
Eurocredits Euronext European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Central Bank European Interbank Offered Rate European option
European Union European-style option Eurostat
Eurozone Eurozone Public Offering of Securities EVA
EVA model Event of default Event-study analysis
Exceptional items Excess loss Exchange controthe government authorities in a given country.
Exchange ratio Exchange risk Exchange traded fund
Exchangeable bonds Exclusive negotiations Exercise date
Exercise period Exit clause Expanded net present value, ENPV
Expected equity risk premium Expected outcome Expected return
Expected return of a market portfolio Expenses Expert systems
Explicit forecast period Export credit Exposure
Expropriation effect Extended trade-off model Extendible
Extendible note EXtensible Business Reporting Language External capital
External projects Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, EGM Extraordinary items