NASDAQ Natural disaster risks Natural hedge
NDA Negative capital employed Negative carry
Negative covenant Negative equity Negative goodwill
Negative net debt Negative pledge Negative working capital
Negotiable European commercial paper Negotiable European Medium Term Notes Negotiation tactics
Net asset value Net asset value of a fund, NAV Net assets
Net assets per share Net banking income Net Book Value
Net debt Net debt / EBITDA Net debt / Market capitalisation
Net debt reduction Net debt value Net dividend
Net financial debt Net financial expense/income Net fixed assets
Net income Net margin Net pension costs
Net present value Net profit Net profit, Group share
Net worth Net Written Premium Netting
NEU CP NEU MTN Neural networks
New equity puzzle New Issue Premium New Money
New money privilege NewCo NIP
No-petition Nominal Nominal rate
Nominal value Nominalism - principle Nominee agreement
Non conforming loan Non core-assets Non Disclosure Agreement
Non investment grade, non-investment grade Non recurrent items Non recurring items
Non-accredited investor Non-biding offer Non-conforming
Non-consolidated investments Non-controlling interests Non-conversion premium
Non-Disclosure Agreement Non-group interests Non-monetary items
Non-operating assets Non-operating working capital Non-performing
Non-performing debt Non-petition Non-recourse debt
Non-recourse discounting Non-recurring expenses Non-recurring income
Non-utilisation fee Non-voting shares NOPAT
NOPAT multiple NOPLAT Norm-based screening
Normalised cash flow Normalised earnings Normative
Normative analysis Normative cash flow Normative margin
Normative operating working capital requirement Normative WC Notch
Notching Note issuance facilities (NIF) Notes to the accounts
Notice of Default Notional amount Notional interest
Notional pooling Novation NPV