P/E ratio, PER, Price-to-earnings ratio Paid-up capital Paper
Paper bill of exchange Paper promissory note Par value
Parent company Parent company regime Parent group
Pari passu covenant Parity Partial commitment
Participant Participating preference shares Participation certificates
Pass through Passthrough certificates Path of wealth, POW
Pay through Pay-in-kind securities Payables
Payback period Payback ratio Payment method
Payment term Payout ratio PBR
PDS PE Pecking order theory
Peer comparison method Percentage control Percentage interest
Percentage of completion method Performance bond Performing
Permanent financing Perpetual bond Perpetual subordinated loans and notes
Perpetuals Perpetuity Petro-dollars
Pierce the corporate veil PIK securities Pitch
Plain vanilla Ploughed back Poison pill
Political risk Ponzi scheme Pooling of interest method
Pooling on demand POP Portable alpha
Portable debt Portfolio insurance Portfolio manager
Position Positive carry Positive covenant
POW PPP Praecipium
Pragmatic valuation approach Prcess-oriented production Pre-emption (right of)
Pre-emptive action Pre-emptive right Pre-emptive subscription rights
Preference share Preferential dividend Preferred habitat theory
Preferred securities Preferred share Premium
Premium bond Prepaid expenses Prepaid income
Prepayment Prepayment penalty Present value
Present Value Index, PVI Price adjustment Price-To-Book ratio, PBR
Price-to-earnings ratio Primary dealers Principal
Principal-protected notes Principle of prudence Priority dividend shares (non-voting) (PDS)
Private equity Private equity firm Private negotiation
Private placement Privileged share Pro forma, pro forma statements
Product life cycle Production Production models
Profit Profit and loss account/statement, P&L Profit before tax and non recurrent items
Profit before tax and non recurring items Profit generating capacity Profit on ordinary activities
Profit sharing Profitability Program trading
Project bond Project financing Projected benefit obligation, PBO
Promissory note Proportional rate Proportionate consolidation
Prospectus Provision Provision for employee benefits and pensions
Proxy Public offer Public offering
Public Offering price Public-to-Private, P to P Purchase method
Purchase warrant Purchases Purchasing Power Parity
Put on the seller Put option Put provision
Put warrant Put-call parity Puttable
Puttable bond Puttable instrument PV
PVI Pyramid scheme