MAC clause Macro-hedging Magic chain effect
Majority interest Make whole Management buy-in
Management buy-out, MBO Management control Management fee
Management incentive package Management mandate Management presentation
Manager, managing bank Managers Managing bank
Mandate Mandated lead arranger, MLA Mandatory convertible bonds
Mandatory convertible preferred stock Mandatory offer Margin
Margin analysis Margin call Margin deposit
Margin grid Margin payment Marginal cost
Marginal rate of return Mark-to-market Mark-to-model
Market Market capitalisation Market efficiency
Market expansion Market financing Market flex
Market growth Market in equilibrium Market indicators of value creation
Market maker Market multiples Market operator
Market order Market plane Market portfolio
Market premium Market return Market risk
Market risk - strategic positioning of the company Market risk premium Market share
Market sounding Market value Market value added, MVA
Market window Market-based economy Market-takers
Marketable securities Marketing Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
Martingale Mass production Master agreement
Master credit agreement Master trust Matching hypothesis
Matching principle Material adverse change clause Materiality principle
Maturity Maturity mismatch MBI
MBO MBS McDonough ratios
Means of payment Medium term note, MTN Meme stock
Memorandum of understanding, MOU Merchant bank Merger
Merger accounting Merger premium Mergers and acquisitions
Mezzanine debt Mezzaniner Micro-Cap
Micro-hedging Micro-structure of financial markets Microcredit
Microfinance Mid-Cap Middle-office
MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments) Milestone Mimicry
Minimum price offer Minimum-price offering Mining
Minority block Minority discount Minority interests
Minority ownerships Minority shareholder Minority shareholder premium
Minority value Minsky moment MIRR
Mirror share Mix & match offer Mixed offering
MLA Model risk Modified actuarial rate of return
Modified duration Modified internal rate of return, Modified IRR, MIRR Modified IRR
Modigliani-Miller theorem Momentum Monetary items
Money market Money-market funds Monoline
Monoline insurance company Monoline insurer Monte Carlo simulation
Moody's Moral hazard Moratorium
Mortality swap Mortgage Mortgage loan
Mortgage loan Mortgage-Backed Securites Most favoured nation
MOU MTN MTN programme
Mudharaba Multi-criteria analysis (merger) Multilateral Development Bank (MDB)
Multinational company Multinational company - cost of capital Multiple voting rights
Multiple voting shares Multiple(s) Multiples - valuation
Multiples method Multiplier effect Murabaha
Musharaka Mutual Fund MVA