Identified purchase cost Idiosyncratic risk IFC
IFRS Ijara Ijara-wa-Iqtina
IMF Immunisation Impaired debt
Impairment losses Impairment test Implicit rating
Implied volatility In the money Incentive contracting
Income Income statement Income stock
Incoterms Incremental project Incumbrance
Indenture Index floater Index management
Index trackers Index-linked securities Indication of Interest
Indirect finance Indirect method Indirect valuation method
Industrial synergy Industry risk Ineligible
Inflation Inflation risk Information cascade
Informational efficiency Initial Coin Offering Initial margin
Initial public offering, IPO Insider Insider trading
Insolvent Instalment Institutional investors
Insurance Intangible asset Intangible capital
Intangible fixed asset Inter-American Development Bank Interchangeability
Interest Interest charge Interest cover
Interest expense Interest rate Interest rate option
Interest rate risk Interest rate swap rate, IRS rate Interest rate swap, IRS
Interest-bearing Interest-bearing current account Interest-only loan
Interim dividend Interim interest payments Intermediated debt
Intermediation Internal capital Internal financing
Internal growth model Internal rate of return, IRR International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International bond International Finance Corporation International Monetary Fund
International Swaps and Derivatives Association Intra-annual dividend Intra-group transactions
Intraday Intrinsic risk Intrinsic value - option
Intrinsic value - share Inventories Inventory valuation methods
Inverse floaters Invested capital Investment
Investment banking Investment cycle Investment decision principles
Investment grade Investment horizon Investment of funds method
Investment outflows Investment outlay Investors
IPO discount IRR IRS
IRS rate ISDA Islamic finance
Issue at a discount Issue at a premium Issue at par
Issue discount Issue price Istisna'a