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05-06-2020 : Quote of the day

“Stop yearning for what you don’t have, and you’ll ruin the economy.” 

Marcel Proust


04-06-2020 : Question from a follower of the Facebook page

  "When calculating the value of a business or the NPV of an investment, are negative cash flows also discounted? If so, what is the logic behind this discounting? Because normally when you discount a positive free cashflow by the WACC, it's to remunerate the capital providers, isn't it?"


We also discount negative cash flows. Indeed a negative flow corresponds to a financing need that will have to be found, but as it does not occur immediately, but later, it is normal that it is discounted, i.e. its present value is depreciated in relation to its nominal amount to take into account the fact that it is an advantage for us to have to spend this sum later, and not now.


Have a nice day. 



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