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24-11-2017 : Quote of the day

"If you're not prepared to hold a share for ten years, you shouldn't hold it for ten minutes." Warren Buffett

23-11-2017 : Question from one of our readers

When a company has cash that is restricted, for example, as a collateral on a loan, do you consider it as cash in the net bank and financial debt calculations? And for the liquidity ratio? In the liquidity ratios, it must be excluded because this cash is blocked as a collateral for a credit elsewhere. It can not serve twice. For net debt, it is necessary to be consistent and take this restricted cash into account since it is a partial counterpart of a bank or financial debt. Have a nice day


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Number 107 of October 2017

News : Why have the main European banking and insurance groups listed – or why are they planning to list – some of their subsidiaries?

Statistics : Yield curves in some major countries

Research : IPOs: the virtue of the greenshoe clause

Q&A : What is structural subordination?

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