Tag along Take and pay contract Take or pay contract
Takeover Takeover bid Tangible fixed asset
Tap issue Tapping the reserves Tax base
Tax loss carrybacks Tax loss carryforwards Tax proof
Tax rate Tax savings Tax shield
Teaser Technical analysis Technical dilution
Temporal method Temporary differences Tender offer
Term Term loan Term loan B
Term of a loan Term out Term sheet
Term structure of interest rates Terminal value Terminal value
TERP Texan clause The bottom-up approach is also called the stock-picking approach.
Theoretical ex-rights price Theory of markets in equilibrium Theta
Ticker Tier 1 Time deposit
Time diversification Time draft Time value
Time value of money Timing differences Timing problem
TMT Tobin's Q Token
Toll revenue bond Too big to fail Toogle notes
Top-down approach Total breakeven Total debt service
Total return swap Total shareholder return, TSR Tracking stock
Tracking stock Trade buyer Trade confirmation
Trade finance Trade payables Trade receivables
Trade sale Trade-off model Tradegate
Trading Trading profit Trailing ratio
Tranche A Tranche B Tranche C
Transaction costs Transaction multiples Transaction multiples method
Transaction, the management fee is a front-end, flat percentage fee, Transfer Transfer of assets
Transfer pricing Transformation Transformation risk
Transition bond Translation Translation risk
Transmutation Treasurer Treasury
Treasury method Treasury shares Treasury shares
Treasury shares Treeing Trend analysis
Triple net lease Triple net rent Triple track
True sale True sale Trust
Trust preference shares TSR Turnaround capital
Turnaround capital fund Turnover – assets Turnover – liabilities