OECD Off-balance sheet commitments Off-balance sheet financing
Off-balance sheet financing techniques Offering Offering Circular
Offset OGM Oligopoly
One on one One to one One-stop shopping
Opco Open price offer Open price placement
Operating assets Operating balance Operating breakeven
Operating cash flow Operating charges Operating cycle
Operating expenses Operating income Operating inflows
Operating lease Operating leverage Operating liabilities
Operating liabilities Operating loan Operating margin
Operating outflows Operating outlay Operating payments
Operating profit Operating receipts Operating result
Operating revenues Operating risk Operating working capital
Operational efficiency Opportunity cost Opportunity cost of capital
Optimal capital structure Optimal financial structure Option
Option model Option on option Option premium
Option to abandon Option to defer progress of the project Option to develop or extend the business
Option to launch a new project Option to postpone a project Option to reduce or contract business
Option valuation method Options theory Order book
Ordinary general meeting of shareholders, OGM Organic growth Organic/internal growth
Organic/internal growth - rate Organised market Organization for Economic Co-operation and development
Orphan company Orthodoxy OTC
OTC market Other comprehensive income Other liabilities
Other operating expenses Other operating income Out of the money
Outside shareholders Outsourcing Over the counter
Over-performing Over-the-counter market Overall dilution
Overdraft Overhang Overlay bank
Overproduction Oversubscribed Owner Buy Out