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Towards a Comprehensive Carbon Accounting System.

Discussion Paper
By Fran├žois Meunier.

The perfect CV for Investment Banking.

Article written by Ferdinand Petra and published on LinkedIn on March 27th, 2018.

How to get yourself ready for an interview at an investment bank


Questions and anwers on Private Equity


10 everlasting truths in finance


Financial analysis of BRICs listed companies


Getting your bearings in the main measures of cash flow


How is financial analysis different when it comes to consolidated accounts?


What is the difference between presenting costs by their nature and by their function on the P&L?


Is capital structure based on parent-company or consolidated account?


Working capital requirement and financial debt: where to draw the line?


Getting the message (out) on value creation


Operating income vs. non operating income


Can you tell us the purpose of short-selling, the risks involved and how to go about it?


What is VAR?


Why so many convertibles?


Ratings agencies


The McDonough ratio and Basle II rules for banks


What value to put on minority interests?


Putting a value on banks


Do buyers and sellers use the same valuation models?


What are the pros and cons creating a subsidiary out of a division?
Can this be used as an anti-takeover defence?


What does dilution means?


Why do companies buy back their shares?


Impact of share buybacks on EPS


Why so many LBOs?




Fondements conceptuels du financement


Bank debt vs. bonds


Deconsolidation and outsourcing


How must a subsidy received for an investment be treated in calculating internal rate of return (IRR)


Some brainstorming on required rate of return


Cash or paper in takeover bids?


At what point can we say that goodwill created by serial acquisitions penalises the buying company?
Is it true that goodwill write-downs do not amount to value destruction if the acquisitions were paid for in shares?


European anti-trust rules


How much are synergies actually worth?


Another look at Brussels by Antoine Giscard d'Estaing ,CFO of Schneider Electric